Qing Sang


Research of interest

Reproductive genetics, mainly focused on the genetic mechanisms underlying abnormal fertilization of human oocytes and early embryonic arrest. Till now, more than 40 SCI papers have been pulished including N Engl J Med, Science, J Clin Invest, Sci Transl Med, Genom Biol, Am J Hum Genet, and other journals as the first author or corresponding author.

Awards and Honors

  • 2023  National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

  • 2020  Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leader

  • 2020  The first prize in Shanghai Natural Science Award

  • 2018  National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars

  • 2017  The youth science and Technology Award by Chinese Society for Zoology

  • 2017  The first prize in National Women’s health Award

  • 2015  The second prize in National Women’s health Award

Selected publication

  1. Wang W, Miyamoto Y, Chen B, Shi J, Diao F, Zheng W, Li Q, Yu L, Li L, Xu Y, Wu L, Mao X, Fu J, Li B, Yan Z, Shi R, Xue X, Mu J, Zhang Z, Wu T, Zhao L, Wang W, Zhou Z, Dong J, Li Q, Jin L, He L, Sun X, Lin G, Kuang Y*, Wang L* and Sang Q*.Karyopherin α deficiency contributes to human preimplantation embryo arrest. J Clin Invest. 2023 Jan 17;133(2):e159951.

  2. Li Q, Zhao L, Zeng Y, Kuang Y, Guan Y, Chen B, Xu S, Tang B, Wu L, Mao X, ; Sun X, Shi J, Xu P, Diao F, Xue S, Bao S, Meng  Q, Yuan P, Wang W, Ma N, Song D, Xu B, Dong J, Mu J, Zhang Z, Fan H, Gu H, Li Q, He L, Jin L, Wang L*, Sang Q*, Large-scale analysis of de novo mutations identifies risk genes for female infertility characterized by oocyte and early embryo defects.Genome Biol. 2023 Apr 06;24(68).

  3. Wu T, Dong J, Fu J, Kuang Y, Chen B, Gu H, Luo Y, Gu R, Zhang M, Li W, Dong X, Sun X*, Sang Q*, Wang L*.The mechanism of acentrosomal spindle assembly in human oocytes. Science. 2022 Nov 18; 378(6621): eabq7361.

  4. Sang Q, Ray PF, Wang L*.Understanding the genetics of human infertility. Science. 2023 Apr 14;380(6641):158-163.

  5. Wang L*, Sang Q*. MOS is a novel genetic marker for human early embryonic arrest and fragmentation. EMBO Mol Med. 2021 Dec 7;13(12):e15323.

  6. Zheng W, Zhou Z, Sha Q, Niu X, Sun X, Shi J, Zhao L, Zhang S, Dai J, Cai S, Meng F, Hu L, Gong F, Li X, Fu J, Shi R, Lu G, Chen B, Fan H, Wang L, Lin G*, Sang Q*. Homozygous mutations in BTG4 cause zygotic cleavage failure and female infertility. Am J Hum Genet. 2020 Jul 2;107(1):24-33.

  7. Zhao L, Xue S, Yao Z, Shi J, Chen B, Wu L, Sun L, Xu Y, Yan Z, Li B, Mao X, Fu J, Zhang Z, Mu J, Wang W, Du J, Liu S, Dong J, Wang W, Li Q, He L, Jin L, Liang X, Kuang Y, Sun X, Wang L*, Sang Q*. Biallelic mutations in CDC20 cause female infertility characterized by abnormalities in oocyte maturation and early embryonic development. Protein Cell. 2020 Dec;11(12):921-927.

  8. Sang Q*, Zhang Z, Shi J, Sun X, Li B, Yan Z, Xue S, Ai A, Lyu Q, Li W, Zhang J, Wu L, Mao X, Chen B, Mu J, Li Q, Du J, Sun Q, Jin L, He L, Zhu S, Kuang Y*, Wang L*. A pannexin 1 channelopathy causes human oocyte death. Sci Transl Med. 2019 Mar 27;11(485): eaav8731.

  9. Sang Q*, Li B, Kuang Y, Wang X, Zhang Z, Chen B, Wu L, Lyu Q, Fu Y, Yan Z, Mao X, Xu Y, Mu J, Li Q, Jin L, He L, Wang L*. Homozygous mutations in WEE2 cause fertilization failure and female infertility. Am J Hum Genet. 2018 Apr 5;102(4):649-657.

  10. Feng R#, Sang Q#, Kuang Y#, Sun X#, Yan Z#, Zhang S#, Shi J, Tian G, Luchniak A, Fukuda Y, Li B, Yu M, Chen J, Xu Y, Guo L, Qu R, Wang X, Sun Z, Liu M, Shi H, Wang H, Feng Y, Shao R, Chai R, Li Q, Xing Q, Zhang R, Nogales E, Jin L, He L, Gupta ML Jr, Cowan NJ*, Wang L*. Mutations in TUBB8 and human oocyte meiotic arrest. N Engl J Med. 2016 Jan 21;374(3):223-32.

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